Arabian Nights Plate


The Arabian Nights Plate offers dramatic twists, turns and mystery. The blown glass is a fusion of inky midnight and white glass, spiced with a touch of gold sand. Startlingly beautiful, the glass art’s scenic depictions are rich in fantasy, inspired by the opulent world of Middle Eastern folk tales.

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Hand-blown Arabian Nights Plate: A Dazzling Symphony of Colour and Craft

Step into the shimmering pages of Arabian Nights with this exquisite hand-blown glass plate. Crafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques, each piece is a unique masterpiece. The design is a captivating interplay of inky midnight blue, crisp white, and a sprinkle of shimmering gold sand, evoking the opulence of Middle Eastern palaces and the mystique of desert landscapes.

Enthralling Features:

  • Handmade artistry: Each plate is a one-of-a-kind work of art, meticulously blown and shaped by experienced artisans.
  • Opulent design: Dive into the grandeur of Arabian Nights with the rich colours and intricate scenes, whispering tales of adventure and intrigue.
  • Storytelling on glass: Let your imagination wander through the captivating narratives depicted on the plate, each scene a portal to a fantastical world.
  • A grand centrepiece: At 48 centimetres in diameter, this plate is an impressive addition to any dining table or display cabinet.
  • A touch of luxury: The subtle shimmer of gold sand adds a sprinkle of elegance and sophistication, making this plate a truly special heirloom piece.

More than tableware, this is a treasure for your home. The Arabian Nights Plate is a testament to the skill and artistry of its makers. It’s a conversation starter, a cherished memento, and a window into a world of captivating stories.

Bring the magic of Arabian Nights into your home today. Order your hand-blown Arabian Nights Plate now and let its beauty grace your space.

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Weight3 kg
Dimensions48 × 50 × 8 cm



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