Annie Angelfish Glass Sculpture


This is the life aquatic. Exotic and with a flamboyant twist, the Annie Angelfish Glass Sculpture is one of our best-selling animal glass ornaments. Glass blown by hand in the Baltic region, Annie is happy swimming solo or part of a grouped shoal.

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Annie Angelfish - Svaja

Hand-Blown Glass Angelfish Sculpture Adds Ocean Flair to Your Home

Craving a touch of the seaside in your home décor? Look no further than the Annie Angelfish Glass Sculpture, a stunning hand-blown glass ornament from eSvaja. This exquisite piece will captivate attention and bring a shimmer of the ocean’s depths to any room.

Vivid Colours and Two Sizes to Suit Your Style

The Annie Angelfish comes in a dazzling array of colours, each capturing the vibrant hues of the coral reef. Choose from blue & teal, cherry & teal, gold & amber, gold & blue, gold & pink bubbles, green, pink, or yellow. Whether you prefer a cool and calming feel or a touch of tropical warmth, there’s a perfect Annie Angelfish for you.

And to tailor your decor further, the Annie Angelfish comes in two sizes, medium and large. The medium size measures approximately 20cm in height, while the large size makes a statement at 25cm tall. So whether you’re after a delicate accent or a show-stopping centrepiece, the Annie Angelfish has you covered.

Exquisite Craftsmanship and a Hint of Whimsy

Each Annie Angelfish is a unique work of art, hand-blown by skilled artisans in the Baltic region. The intricate details, from the delicate fins to the sparkling scales, showcase the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into each piece. And the slightly whimsical expression adds a touch of charm that’s sure to delight.

More Than Just an Ornament, a Conversation Starter

The Annie Angelfish is more than just a beautiful decoration; it’s a talking point. Its eye-catching beauty and unique design are sure to spark curiosity and admiration from anyone who sees it. So get ready to share stories about the ocean’s magic and the art of glassblowing whenever someone asks about your stunning new treasure.

Invest in a Piece of Art that Lasts a Lifetime

With its hand-blown glass construction and meticulous attention to detail, the Annie Angelfish is an investment in quality that will add beauty to your home for years to come. It makes a perfect gift for the ocean lover in your life, or a special treat for yourself.

Order your Annie Angelfish Glass Sculpture today and let the ocean’s beauty into your home!

Key features:

  • Hand-blown glass ornament
  • Available in a variety of colours: blue & teal, cherry & teal, gold & amber, gold & blue, gold & pink bubbles, green, pink, and yellow
  • Available in two sizes: medium (20cm) and large (25cm)
  • Hand-crafted by skilled artisans in the Baltic region
  • Unique and eye-catching design
  • Makes a perfect gift or statement piece for your home

Additional information

Weight1.4 kg
Dimensions25 × 5 × 24 cm

Blue & Teal, Cherry & Teal, Gold & Amber, Gold & Blue, Gold & Pink Bubbles, Green, Pink, Yellow


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