Alice Angelfish Glass Sculpture

Take a deep dive as we introduce the Alice Angelfish Glass Sculpture to the family. Vibrant and exotic, this glass ornament draws on the colours of the Tropics. She is glass blown by hand in the Baltic region and happy swimming solo or part of a grouped shoal.

Svaja Alice Angelfish Glass Sculpture - Yellow & Pink

Clara Clownfish Glass Sculpture

Bold and colourful, the Clara Clownfish Glass Sculpture always stands out, whether she’s in a tropical reef or on your mantelpiece. Delicate in design, the glass ornament has textured fins and distinctive markings, glass blown by hand in a splash of shimmering hues.

Svaja Clara Clownfish Glass Sculpture - Orange - Small

Agnes Angelfish Glass Sculpture

Meet the Agnes Angelfish Glass Sculpture, a riot of sophisticated colour caught within clear Baltic glass. Glass blown by hand and with highly finessed fins, this glass ornament is beautiful as a solo piece or as part of a grouped shoal.

Svaja Agnes Angelfish Glass Sculpture - Lime & Cherry

Annie Angelfish Glass Sculpture

This is the life aquatic. Exotic and with a flamboyant twist, the Annie Angelfish Glass Sculpture is one of our best-selling animal glass ornaments. Glass blown by hand in the Baltic region, Annie is happy swimming solo or part of a grouped shoal.

Svaja Annie Angelfish Glass Sculpture - Gold & Pink Bubbles

Celebrating 20 Years of Svaja’s Animation Collection: A Journey from Humble Beginnings

In the realm of artistic craftsmanship, few brands manage to carve out a niche as distinct and cherished as Svaja’s Animation Collection. This year, as the brand commemorates two decades of its iconic creations, we delve into the story of how a serendipitous idea led to the birth of a collection that has brought smiles to countless faces around the world.

Svaja Glass Sculptures

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